Thursday, July 31, 2008


Hurray! i won the War Stories for July 31 2008, Finally all of my hardwork have been paid off.. i also found out that i am one of the winner for the Wydian's Journal today...  So more Laks for me :)

Now i need to go back to Armia to bully fei-saama....

The Sister's Treachery....

This is my very first "Fan Fiction" about WYD and its all about my Characters.. Its a bit long but please read.. I will assure you that it will worth your time.. I also submitted it on the WYD Global War Stories Event. I Hope that i won both ^_^.

The Treachery of the Sisters

The winds blows, the thunder roars, the ambience were in darkness and a heavy rain, a scene of an occurring destructive storm. In the Northern part of Noatun, a woman stands and lifting her both hands with her Chaos Jereca. As she stands, energies became to melds into hands and an aura appeared beyond his feet, creating a circle of incantation and then a mixture of reddish, bluish and greenish light shone upon her. Lightning struck and immersed into the melding energies in woman's hands. Noatun Troopers ran towards the kingdom's entrance, wondering who the woman is bringing up the destructive storm. Reaching the entrance, they saw the woman in Mithril attire, her eyes glows bluish energies that looks shedding tears. The Troopers felt terror beyond the Black Foema's presence.

“Magistrate Alia, You’ve been bringing terror into the City!” said by the Captain of the troopers with fear. ”Even though, you are the Magistrate of Noatun, we cannot allow you to bring terror. In Ordeal of the Laws of Khersup, We……”

she added yet interrupted when suddenly Alia stopped, leaving the immersed energies floating her right hand. Yet her eyes glow that proves the energy is still being channeled.

“The Ancient Evil has come and will spawn into the very life of the Kingdom”. Alia said controlling the subtleties of her voice rhetorically.

“Guard your stations, while there is still time. The Minions of the Hidden Ruins will come!” Suddenly, Dark Portals appeared randomly outside the Kingdom. In every portal, Batorero's wielding sword and as well as the Lich Vatama's with fiery scythe's. Attacking every life they see unmercifully.

Panic, fear and rage overwhelmed the Kingdom of Noatun. Noatun Troopers marched to defend the city. But the army is endless.

“Lady Alia, please continue the spell. We humbly seek for thy salvation. Save the Kingdom”.

A trooper said running towards the Alia. As she started to continue her incantation, the Grub Swarms have reached the gates of the kingdom.

“Protect the Lady Alia! Don’t let them intervene!”

The Trooper yelled. Noatun Troopers line up to protect the Black Foema. One by one, they’re falling from the Finer Seamer’ Funner Scyther and Funner Momenter.

“Inferior Mortal, submit in the name of evil and served the Khepra's will!”

malevolently shouted by one of the Lich Crunt. Then a Warp Portal appears in front of battle and hearing female saying words rhetorically.

“Blessed air of Fate!
Come and heed the Call!
Waters of the Tide!
Release thy glorious might”

ch’s felt more powerful.

“Why have to use such darker method?” Calyce a the sister of Alia asked.

“Calyce, my sister. I am power bounded in flesh.”

The Foema replied. Her body glows glaring light and suddenly disappeared.

“Feed the thirst for magic, Lehre. Follow the Rite of Ascension.”

The Foema whispers vanishing in amidst. Alia have flashbacks of events from the past. She and her older sister, Calyce was in the huge room, alone with their Mother.

“My Children, do you why our Family have these Arts of Magic? And why others don’t have it?”

The Matriarch asked. Both didn’t answer for they don’t know the reason why. Keeping their silence, their Mother spokes. She started to explain that Ars Aeterna, which means Arts of Eternity. Have the power to keep them alive eternally and the reason why others, don’t have the Art for it was forgotten into memory and the First Foema obtained this from an ancient artifact. No history has recorded the Lore of the Ars Aeterna. It became the blood-line Ability of the family. The Arts have gifts of immortality with a cost. Sombras Arcanum, embracing the Arcane of Shadows where demonic lore exists and Ars Lumiere where divine lore exists.

“Why it is divided into two?” Calyce curiously asked.

“Our Family has a blood feud in the younger years. Fighting which is superior. Sombras Arcanum are Forbidden spells of alteration, abjuration and illusion and Ars Lumiere, Forbidden spells of invocation, evocation and enchantments. No one, won the due occurred. Yet, my father declared Sombras Arcanum will be our prioritize art.”

Mother answered.


Alia’s flashback stopped hearing the Noatun Captain’s voice.

“Yes, Captain” she replied.

The captain kneeled before her.

“Alia, the Port of Coimbra owes you a lot, may the Archangel Khefma see the sacrifice you have done.”

The captain said. Alia tapped the Captain’s shoulder.

“Arise, Captain. Until next we meet.”

Alia opened a scroll and created a warp portal. Alia entered it as well as her sister.

Apparently the Sisters arrived at their destination.

"You are really a great Actress Sister".... Calyce voiced out..

"Do i?" Alia mumbled in herself with a strand of guilt in her consience....

Opening Salvo...

Well for now all i can Say is welcome to "In and Out of the Game" my personal as well as my gaming Blog.. Anyway i am Alia in game.. anyway to avoid misconception i am not a girl.. cause we all know the obvious reason that the game is "gender locked" LOL. anyway welcome and hope you will enjoy my articles...