Friday, August 8, 2008

Dora The Explorer Wannabee....

Youve been there but the question is? do you appreciate the beauty of Khersup? Were not playing this game just to play or grind or whatever.

We are also here to experience some sort of Role Playing in-game and in my opinion roleplaying will never be complete without experiencing the ambiance of your world.

So for today im gonna play ala Dora the explorer and tour you to some of my favorite place here in the world of WYD.
Lets head to the highest place in khersup ( probably?) i do not know the exact name of this place but it is located on the right side of Erion. Sometimes you can see some Ancient Creatures and also some 350 quest event merchant lurking around.
Im on the top of the world looking....
Now lets head to the Noatun  Deserts...
i really love its tranquility. Clean and Green indeed but becareful with the monsters lurking around. Not to mention those random PK'ers.
Ohh dont you ever try to take a rest underneath those trees.
And for the last stop the Stairways to Kephra's Lair inside the Kehpra's Dungeon.
Dont you ever try to get in here if you do not have some proper weapon and armors to wear.. It is really dangerous as much as dangerous than the desert.
Such as Sinister looking Place.
Thats all for today and i hope i informed you in this ay ;) Im not really good at ending my articles Blog entries.