Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Spotting the Big Bad Cat.....

A while ago while doing my everyday Cargo cleaning a mysterious chat appears right before my very eyes..

Hello Guys and Dolls....

And guess who i saw? of course its CM Dhar with his favorite "greeting line".

So i didn't waste my time and grab the chance to have some random convo with him.

CM Dhar was really Huge. A really big bad cat with two froggy swords. As far as i remember he is using a Calintz Catwoman ( a monster that can be found in niffleheim ) as his appearance.

Flying Squad! Astaroth + Falcons

After the random convo he bid his good bye since his very busy and there are few people at that time. Anyways i maaged to take some nifty screenshot after he disappeared.

Wish i am as tall as him.. Nice meeting you CM! hope i can meet the other CM's sometime ^^


Cooldude21 said...

nice post haha. celebrity spotting xD

Alessandra said...

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