Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thoroughbred Riders?!

Is it me or there is really a new craze in town? Ever since those Shire Horse expired ( rest in peace. yeah w eknow that they are immortals but its only for 3 and  15 days) majority of the people are seen Mountless. Some are wearing the free Steed and some rich kiddies are showing off their Unicorns, Parade Horse's and Fenrir's.
Some Unicorn Lover's Spotted In-Game?
We know that taking care of a mount is really a tough job since it requires a lot of effort + time + golds to be able to ride one. Lets say that youre budget in-game is just enough to keep you alive on dungeons or any place where you train. What you gain is just enough for your survival? But at the same time you want a mount to ride on! Yeah its a fact that you will run too slow if youre not riding one!
Anyway since the Shire Horse is gone.. lets say hello to the Throughbred
What is a Throughbred?
Of course it is a horse! but what makes it different from the other horse?
A.) Its immortal ( yay!) it means you dont need to feed it etc...  but it will say ~toodles to you after 30 days.
b.) Looks better than the shire horse. Man he have a cool horn and a metal armor.
c.) It gives better status bonuses than the Shire Horse.
Damage increase 450, magical attack power increase 72%, increase resistance 28]
Every 12:00 a.m., the number of days of the shire's availability will also decrease.
Avaialble @ Nell for 10,000 Wcoins
S.H.I.E.L.D members with their TBH.
This is the reason why i saw more and more people are mounting this Thoroughbreds.
We are using TBH! Are you one of us?


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