Saturday, August 2, 2008

Water Mystic , Gods and New Class.....

Well lots of things happened to me as a WYD Global character for today.

I finally joined my first Water M party.. yeah first call me a noob or so or even laugh at me but this is my first time. all i can say is that the experience inside that area are so fast. It feels like a water faucet. imagine gaining at least a million experience in a flash? Thank god we have a boxer.

That is a one hot gargoyle! oh wait? Fire on Waters?

What is Water Dungeon without Water Golem?

Shining Shimering Splendid!

iToday i finally transcend into God Class i decided to become a beastmaster as my class. I really love summoning classes and i think WYD Global have the perfect character for me..

A Hot and Sexy Alia in underwear

Too beautiful to transform into a Werewolf?

Me and wickedness doing a synchronized flying position

Eat that fei-saama im already a god! :p


Joker said...

hey dude! hmm i think ur a guildie i wouldn't know are u a member of shield?

"Rawr" said...

i am indeed a member of SHIELD