Monday, October 6, 2008

My 5 ways for the Gamers!

This Blog article is solely based in my honest opinion.

You registered, downloaded the game and play. You stepped on this virtual world and you hack and slash your foe on the way to the top. But did you ask yourself why are you playing or why do you want to be strong? As we all by human nature we tend to do things because we want to get something. There is always an aim to everything just like a bullet soaring and flying free until it reaches its target. 

Every one of us wants to be “something “ inside this virtual community but being that “something” will be easier if you laid out your plan as soon as you started or even think of starting something it is due to the fact that we cannot be successful if you will keep on rushing it. There will be always 5 steps in anything.

Let me say that you already reached your goal. Try to ask yourself “Is it worth it”? “Are you happy with it”? What’s the effect of my virtual success to the real world?

So let me share you the thing that I’ve learned when I watched a certain romantic comedy movie. So I will try to incorporate the idea on being a gamer.
5 Steps on how to be a Successful Gamer.

Goal Settings

From the word it set your own goal!

Example scenario

Do you want to own all of your friends in PK in-game! Do you want them to feel jealous of you because you can own them all? If you say YES then let’s stop this foolishness! You didn’t want to do it because of someone right? You’re doing it for your own good!

Jot down the things that you want to achieve. Do you want to be the best and the strongest PK player in-game? Do wish to acquire all the most coveted and the rarest item in-game? Or you want to be prominent and the most popular ala celebrity player in-game? If you say yes! Good because this is the valid reason! Even if you say I just want to enjoy the game it is still a valid reason. Any reason just for you is valid. Remember that you are doing it for yourself right? 

The same as joining this WYDIANS Journal contest! Why you are blogging is it because you want to win the ancient weapons? To be recognized or to be popular, you want to acquire those Laktoreriums so that you can gain some outside the game income or bluntly to kill some time. Constantly remember that the goal must be any reason whether it is good or bad, Positive or Negative but you need to make sure that this is for yourself.

Being a dedicated gamer sometimes deteriorates your healthy or not so healthy lifestyle sometimes you always forget the effect of too much gaming in your body as I said earlier.

Don’t forget that it also applies in real life. For example you are a fat kid and got dumped by your lovey-dovey so you decided to go on a diet and work out. The question is why do you want to do this? Is it because you got dumped by your girlfriend and as for revenge you want to have an uber-hotness mouth watering body packed with the 6 “A” of wonders so that if the person who dumped you saw you by twist on fate. They will be the one to cry and you want them to regret that they set you free. If your answer is No they let’s stop this but if your answer is simply like “You don’t want to wear extra large size shirts anymore” then let’s do this! 

And please make sure that your goal is feasible. We’re not doing the 4th installment of Mission Impossible right?

So when will we do this?

Start Now

The million dollar question will be. “When will you start?” A person who really wants to achieve something should start on the day when he thinks for his aim. Not Later, not on the next day or month or definitely years but start now! As the saying goes “The early bird catches the worm” so hurry do what you can do before it’s too late.

No Shortcuts

To be able to be strong you bought as many wydcoins as you can and WATER M party your way up to the peak level. You already reached the highest level in-game? Are you happy? Do you think you miss something? Yes you indeed miss something and that is the feeling of enjoyment of this game. Playing a game doesn’t mean leveling up all your way it also means socializing and discovering the wonders of the game. Think about it “You are high level” but do you know your “Game”?

Just what it literally means there will be no fast lane or express way on what you’re trying to attain. Even though you achieved the thing you want to accomplish as fast as a lightning you will not be happy in the end. Remember that there will be a different feel in things that is made out of your effort and perseverance.

It is wise to do it slowly but surely especially if it is a long term goal. There will be no shortcuts!

Motivate Yourself:

Being motivated gives you a soothing aura that makes play the game healthier. How can I be motivated? Simple, back from the start set your goals for your game. By setting your goals by wanting this and that for example I want to be like him/her, and I want to surpass his/her popularity. I want to be like this, that's the most basic motivation of a certain player. It's up to you if you want to be a Hard Core player or a casual one. What else you can motivate you? 

Explore the game by knowing it epic story. Joining Game Events and I do believe that the most popular motivation that the game can give you. Meet new people from the World Wide Web. 

There are lots of reasons to motivate you. Everybody is unique that’s why we are called "individual" so basically we have our own set or type of things or perspectives that will motivate us. Motivation isn’t about sacrilege; it’s about how you will accomplish your goals that you created. Without Motivation, your gaming will not survive long.

In a simple explanation try look up to someone pursue yourself to do this be confident and never stop and last but not the least find your inspiration.

And you can always search for some motivational quotes in the inter web not in my blog anyway since this is full of spin off motivational posters.

Be Happy:

As I’ve seen in my previous MMORPG, there’s a warning that playing for long hours is detrimental to health. ¬¬¬¬

We play the game not to be stress but to stress out, so the most important is "Don't make the game affect your mood". 

Enjoy yourself by making things brighter and looking at the positive way. You lose today, you may win tomorrow. That's the cycle. What also important is following your own set of goals by your free will. Accomplished Goals makes you happy but it’s up to you, if all the things you’ve done and sacrifice along the way since you start are "Worth it". Don't take the game seriously and don't let it control you. ¬¬¬

Be contented on what you’ve gain as I said in the step 3 “No shortcuts”…

Is it funny that all steps are inter-related to each other.
And who said that i can only blog with those not so motivating motivational at the same time de motivational posters?  If i only have a lots of time then my blogging style will be like this....
Instead of suggesting some events or focussing to a certain "community" i choose to focus on the whole gamingsphere in general.
All in all i think this is the best "Thing" that i can contribute to the community not as a WYD player but as a gamer.

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Awesome read dude! That's what a true blog is. Congrats on your win this week, you deserved it!