Thursday, October 2, 2008

A not so PIC SPAM: A Pig Race?!

If failure is an inevitable abstract noun in our human senses well it doesn't in a community managers case of course. Yesterday the CM decided to held a surprise event which it never fails the sleepy gamers to be awaken. A surprise event which newbies and even top ranking players *cough* Myzio *cough* even joined for fun of course. Well if it means delivering the f-u-n or simply catering and bonding with the players, the community managers never fails to do it.

So lets talk about the Pigs. Those shiny little yellowish slash golden high level mounts can become a race material?

So lets start our little Pic Spam.

It all started when CM Dhar and GM Loki started shouting that there will be a test event the most requested event by players a race event but this time the only mounts that is allowed is a pig and a wild boar.

i really wonder what did they eat to conduct and event like that well probably its

A.) Players are keep requesting about this event so they decided to make an unofficial and surprise event about it.

B.) CM Dhar and GM Loki are bored to death that time so they decided to kill time by playing with the players.

C.) This is a test run if the event can be held officially despite of the fact that other characters have an advantage in terms of moving speed.

Well the answer is C according to CM Dhar its a test run.

Notice the picture above that's the starting point and the course will be from Azran town watcher to Armia town!

And the rules will be no teleporting, relocating and no hunting scrolls! the first one to cross the armia's bridge will be the winner.

Since this is just a surprise event. players are not expecting for a prize but still they heart warmingly joined just for fun.

Look at the numbers of participants in Armia town! Well at this point the first one to arrive didn't win empty handed because CM Dhar gave a trophy 1 Laktorerium powders to the winner! even though its just a single laktorerium the fun that the surprise event bring cannot is priceless. PIG RIDERS FTW! and then the real race begin or course number 2 from Armia to Azran ship! and thyrene as the referee. The race started and the first 10 who arrives at thyrene will be the winner.

Even CM Tonbarry whose currently interviewing claire for spotlight decided to made a cameo appearance.

In the end the players are overwhelmed and appreciated the suprise event this shows that the WYD global players is one of the healthy community that can be found in the world of MMORPG.

Well GM and CM's we are looking forward for more community participated events like this!


Thats what CM Dhar said during the event.. Till next time!

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