Saturday, September 20, 2008


Since im getting so bored because of this Guild War ( and then again SHIELD do not even have a challenger! ) let us play the ABC of WYD Global shall we?

I know this will sound to be so boring but at the same time it will be fun for those people whose passion is into gaming particularly on WYD Global!

A - for CM Aruman who i rarely see

B - B forthe Beastmaster my favorite character class!

C - for the Community Managers. without them WYD Global will have a Dawn of the Dead like community XD! CM's make your in-game experience wonderful.

D - CM DharThe coolest, most handsome and the most talked about CM in the whole game and the blogosphere! CM evur! lurve you man!

E - Erion the first ever town that S.H.I.E.L.D the guild that i belonged conquerd..

F- Farche The lover of Reimers and also Reiners! now this is a love triangle!

G- Galford the most popular bald in the continent of KHERSUP

H- Hekalotia thekingdom that is bluer than blue.. the kingdom that i belong

I- Ideal Stone! if youre a god and you right clicked it. you will be transformed into a celestial!

J-  Justic Ankh - another waste accesory....

K- Kafma IV and Kephra! The most popular Best Friends Forever (B.F.F)  in WYD!

L- Lich Grunt 

M- Moloch .. Cm Dhar eats moloch for breakfast!

N- Nell the most sexiest elve in the whole game!

O- For Orc Warrior probably the first boss that you can encounter in-game!

P- For "Please Be Informed" This is legendary... i know youve read it somewhere during youre WYD Global stay...

Q- Q and A to get the legendary "Please Be Informed" or the only way to contact the GM's they will give you the "P" in return.

R- Rujuoper Broken hunting them means gaining 150million golds by chance! goodluck then XD

S- S.H.I.E.LD the guild that i belonged and headed by the uber white homo specie called dumptires XD peace!

T- Tonbarry who lurves belly dancing to bad she developed some flabs because of the excessive eating of pancakes!.

U- For Unicorn or Unisus the most coveted mount in-game!

V- Valkyrie Rosen and Tina the most sexiest specie in WYD Global ! sexier than GM Sexy.

W- Water Dungeon the only place where you can level fast as a running water....

X- Xeny Cropper a monster in WYD that i didnt even see.. im not sure though

Y- Yeti... there are yeti like creatures in niffleheim!

Z- Zakum comes in a different flavour...

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