Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Eversince the WYDIANS JOURNAL week 4 started. A certain blogger catches my sleeping time span and amusement and who she is? well she nerver know who she is because its a secret that she will never tell. But we all know her with her Alias Gossip WYD!
Fresh idea.. Relation to the current pop culture transformedwarped in a world of blood and gore...
She probably targeting the weekly topic called "WYDIANS GOSSIP" and as far as i observed she possibly targeting the Who's Who in-game? Talk about a residence paparazzi lurking in a character we never know?
Well speaking of her reputation as of now! All of her gossip seems to be true and if i may say. She is one of the prominent player in-game because of her connection.
All in all i enjoyed all of her article and it officialy made my day! I think im an avid reader of her blog already :D
Looking forward to your next entry Gossip WYD and i hope someday i might get SPOTTED! not in a negative way though :P

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