Thursday, September 18, 2008

For teh love of meme!

Since i got victimized by Caligstar and some other blogger about this meme it leaves me a "no choice" sitch!

But as far as the past is concerd. i think that i did post my real life picture as an avatar here during season 1 but of course past is pass so here it is..

This is my friends from the previous online game that i played...

We compete in a certain "Machinima" or "Online Game Video Competition" and we sweep 50% of the prize including the First place and the Second place! hows that?

Anyway im the guy beside "Anne" the girl with a fork!

And that is me! My clothes reminds me of the clothes in a Korean Drama called Cofee Prince.

I hope SultanJohor wont see this blog entry of mine.

Anywho and Anyhow!

Im black blogging! is it a "Yay!" or "Nay"?

Well lets just say that this is a start of something new shall we?

Anyway i think i saw "God" awhile ago....

Whats lacksin this scenery is a Bethoven Ode to Joy background music! 

Ill be tagging 2 people!



To end this endless craze, this is a mus read for people who plans to join the meme!


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